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I often get asked for advice and questions on how to improve a clients use of Mailchimp, and more often, I am asked this by people wanting to run their campaigns and understand Mailchimp for themselves.

I’m not alone – every Mailchimp Pro Partner and Partner get asked this, so we are bringing you Chimposium in October this year to share our knowledge of the platform.

Every presenter is a recognised Mailchimp Pro Partner or Partner that uses Mailchimp every day.  The talks all complement each other and take place over two days. You can also buy a ticket that gives you access to all the recordings so you can view them wherever you are in the world.

They have been hand-picked, and each topic is specially curated to complement or build on the others.

There are 12 million users worldwide of Mailchimp, join them at Chimposium. Tickets on sale now.

Chimposium 2021 – the first global conference created by Mailchimp Partners and sponsored by Mailchimp