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According to this year’s MYOB report, 68% of New Zealand companies are not represented on the web. If you consider that most people now Google when needing a service, that leaves a lot of companies missing out on customers – are you one of them?

This Website Check List may help you decide how best to update or create your site using some of the add-ons that are now available.

Mobile Compatibility/Responsive

More and more people are viewing the web on mobiles and tablets such as the iPhone and iPad. Not all older sites can be viewed on this medium. Offering both standard and mobile versions can help accessibility.

Contact Form, Google Places, Map and call to action

Generally you want your site to generate business and encourage clients to contact you. A full list of contacts, an enquiry form, map highlighting your premises on
Google maps all help with this. An obvious call to action leading them to this is a must.


Regular updates to your site help with Google rankings and is a great way to educate your clients on products, information, events and encourages them to interact with you socially.

Social Media

With millions of people communicating on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other sites, you would be turning away a marketing opportunity if you did not connect your site to social media offerings that enhance your business. Use them to push clients to your website and interact with them.

Content Management System

A Content Management System allows you to update your site easily, and unlike some on the market, the one Outbox use has drag and drop icons to make it even easier.

If you would like us to update for you, that’s not a problem either.


If you have products to sell, the web is an ideal outlet. Any products and can set up in an online shop but even companies without stock lines can entice people to buy Gift Vouchers online for use by friends and colleagues for your services.

Booking System

Perhaps your company relies more on bookings. Let your customers book their appointment online, even outside of your working hours.

Slideshow and Photos

They say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ so show of your products and services with photos in a moving slide show or gallery. Many older sites used Flash, but as this cannot be viewed on Apple appliances such as the iPad and iPhone, you may need an update.


Take photos a step further and add a video to your site. It’s great at adding to your Google rating and so engaging for your viewers. Introduce yourself, show off your products or present some training. If you don’t want to appear yourself, select someone else’s video and embed it.


Once they decide your site has so much to offer, people will want to hear more from you. Make it easy for them to sign up to your newsletter, even if you haven’t written one yet. That way you can stay in touch and directly engage with clients, current and future, through email or post.


Events can be organised through your website and drives more traffic to your site in the process. The page can be hidden and the link only sent to those you wish to receive it. Names, Email and contact details are automatically collected reducing event administration for you.


Another good way to increase your ratings is to link to other sites. Do you know of companies that complement your services, others you would like to recommend, helpful links or organisations where you belong? Publish these and if they also link to your site, your rating will improve and at the same time you are referring others.

Upload Files

Allow your clients to upload files directly through your site. It’s a great way of them showing you their ideas or requirements.

Embed Documents

How helpful is it when you can download a document or file directly from a website, instant and always available. Just update the one copy when needed and allow your customers access to information they need. Application forms, price lists, magazines etc.


If you would like feedback and views from the visitors to your site then add a survey, what food do they like best, what products do they require etc . It’s social, fun and can give you valuable feedback.