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There are so many things to think about when starting your company or re-branding and that’s before you even get to the creative design part.

Here are some quick points to take into consideration when you are turning over new business ideas. They don’t all apply to every company but certainly food for thought:

  • A name that helps your Google ranking, if you are an Accountant, use the word ‘accountant’
  • Check domain name availability early AND what similar domain names are being used and more importantly what they are offering!
  • Is it already registered by someone else? Check the companies office for your country, the NZ one is here.
  • Will the name transcribe well to a logo?
  • Can it be announced easily and recognised over the phone, remember dialects and incorrect spellings – for example, if I had used my name, Lindsey, I don’t think anyone would find my site, it gets miss-spelt all the time – make it easy or very memorable
  • Does it have an alternative meaning in another language – Google it?
  • When having a logo designed ensure it will work all mediums you wish to use:
    • Car sign writing – it will need to work in reverse for each side of the car
    • Web – nothing too deep or the header will take up most of the screen – avoid some colours that can glare on screen. For example, try looking at a very red screen and you see what I mean. Check for direct competition, you don’t want to be sending customers to a competitor’s website. Check for names here http://www.domainz.net.nz/
    • Business Cards
    • Number plate – can it be reduce to 6 letters or numbers and is it available kiwiplates.nz.
    • Posters and leaflets
    • Promotional material – you usually pay for printing or embroidery by each colour you use in the logo

These are just some ideas and hopefully has not completely confused the process for you, but always ask others what they think, some of the best ideas may come from their reply – happy business naming.