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Save 25%

  • 1 x Mini article
  • 2 x Social posts
  • Mailchimp Account set up
  • Mailchimp Template and send out
  • Mailchimp URL Sign up form

Save 20%

  • 3 x Blogs
  • 3 x Newsletter intros
  • Mailchimp Account set up
  • Mailchimp Template and send out
  • Mailchimp URL Sign up form
  • 2 x Extra Mailchimp Newsletters
  • 3 x iStock Photos

Save 20%

  • 6 x Blogs
  • 6 x Newsletter intros
  • Mailchimp Account set up
  • Mailchimp Template and send out
  • Mailchimp URL Sign up form
  • 5 x Extra Mailchimp Newsletters
  • 20 x Social posts
  • 6 x iStock Photos

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    Gemma Knight

    Words have always been my thing, but numbers are not. I gave up the battle of trying to decipher the numbers and outsourced the entire process. It was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I was able to really focus on the one thing that I love doing. Writing.

    My Story

    I started my career as a bright eyed student just out of University. My dreams were of writing and teaching. But, for some unbeknownst reason, I had decided that buying a house with my fiance was a great idea partway through my 5 year Masters degree. So I needed a job to pay that mortgage. I did many things: data entry, reception work, sales work, cold calling, account coordination, account management, business development and even immigration advice. Basically all I learned from those jobs is what I DIDN’T want to do for a living.

    The writing call was strong. So several years ago I started a blog.  I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote. I loved it. So, I started writing here and there for my friends and family. They told me that my writing was good, but they are meant to say that right? Then I started writing for a few business people that I knew and they said my writing was great.

    Suddenly it became clear that my romanticised notion of becoming a novelist was not the only way to earn a living from writing. So Gemma Knight Writes was born.

    My Philosophy

    My business was born out of a desire to write more and to help others with my words.

    I am passionate about providing fantastic content for each and every piece that I write. I love to learn and get strangely excited about researching a new topic to write on. Feed my thirst for learning by letting me write for your business.

    Get in touch to see how I can help you promote and grow your business.

    Lindsey Carroll CMktr

    Outbox Ltd Registered logo

    Outbox offers an affordable personalised web and marketing service that makes your dream of using Mailchimp or a WordPress website a reality. We are with you every step of the way. We take care of the tasks you do not want to do, so you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

    As an established and award-winning marketing company, Outbox gives you a personalised trustworthy service. Lindsey’s knowledge and experience are always available to you in helping market your brand with confidence.

    Lindsey is an online marketer who specialises in WordPress websites and Mailchimp e-newsletters. She is a Chartered Marketer and Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Mailchimp Certified Pro Partner and a listed Expert.

    Lindsey has been using the Mailchimp platform since 2011 to help clients get their message across.

    In April 2020, Mailchimp introduced a certification programme for their Partners. Lindsey was one of the first fifty in the world to complete the Foundations certification, going on to also gain the Email Marketing certification. She was the first in the world to achieve the Email Automation certification. She is a Mailchimp Pro Partner, a level only held by a small number of Mailchimp partners.

    With a passion to always upskill, she uses this knowledge to help you in your business.

    Outbox is a Mailchimp Partner
    Mailchimp certified
    Mailchimp Academy Email Marketing Certification Badge
    Mailchimp Academy Email Automations Certification Badge

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